Giving Back

Our Vision

At UPPER BUDDY, we believe that ALL dogs deserve to find comfort, regardless of breed, appearance, age, or ability. We address this problem by creating products that better the lives of our furry friends, and their owners! As part of this vision, we donate a portion of every sale to helping our communities needs.

We support our packs local initiatives, so if you have a way we can help, let us know below!



Our Mission

By working directly with suggestions from our own pack, we are able to take immediate action to help those in need! From donating leashes for adoption events, providing items for fundraising efforts, or cash donations for emergency situations, we do our best to provide as much support as possible for our community.  We take each suggestion into account, and every month our team selects the initiatives that can make the most impact for our furry friends.



Our Values

As part of our mission to be there for ALL dogs, UPPER BUDDY set out to create a program that can make the most impact for our community. By taking suggestions directly from our pack members, we know that we are helping where it’s needed most. No suggestion is too big or too small, and we make our selections carefully to ensure the most impact for those that need it the most!